What Me Worry? Confessions of a Traveler

Posted by Pat on April 5, 2015 in Travel |

UnknownWhen I travel, no matter how much I plan, I do worry. Anything can happen; I cannot prevent unforeseen events, but I know I can handle them. Yet, I do worry, doubly so when I have the responsibility for another. So I traveled to Italy with my “minor exceptional” niece with trepidation. What did I learn from this travel experience? As I posted before departure: Read more…

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Milano Con Gabrielle

Posted by Pat on April 4, 2015 in Travel |

Piazzas collect pigeons, pigeons love bread, bread is served during dinners, dinners include delicious pastas around those piazzas. It’s a great symbiotic relationship throughout Italia. We spend a few sunny minutes at the Verona Arena and around Piazza Bra’s pigeons before boarding our Frecciabianca to Milano.  Read more…

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Verona Con Gabrielle

Posted by Pat on April 2, 2015 in Travel |

St. Gabriel, “Prego, no more churches.”

Beautiful warm weather and bright sunny skies greet our arrival in Verona. After tossing our bags into our room at Albora B&B, we walk to Piazza Bra and the Arena for lunch. We are recharged and ready to see the sights of this lively and beautiful city.

Our two days here are filled with churches like Anastasia, the Duomo, San Fermo, San Lorenzo, and San Zeno. All are unique, some more elaborate than others. I enjoyed the crypt area at San Zeno’s, home of Verona’s patron saint. It bothers me that some of the churches charge entrance fees; it is a way to maintain these grand edifices but churches should be open anytime to the public. As for Gabrielle, she is “churched-out.”

Read more…

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Vicenza Con Gabrielle

Posted by Pat on March 31, 2015 in Travel |

 Welcome to Italia. “Transportation strike is to begin at 10am and last until 1pm.” In true Italian style, they strike but are polite enough to tell you ahead of time and limit the inconvenience. Unfortunately, noting the bulletin at 9:55am with a 10:50 train to catch is not how I want to begin my morning. We rush to the vaparetto stop and hope for the best. And indeed, we receive good fortune. We reach our train with time to spare and are whisked away to the small city of Vicenza just 45 minutes east of Venezia. Read more…

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Masks and Gondeliers

Posted by Pat on March 30, 2015 in Travel |

Venice has definitely been one of my favorite cities so far. From the water to the masks everything was great. It’s a place with no cars or huge crowds this time of year. It was nice to be able to lounge around on the boats and see the canals, mountains, and the open sea.  Read more…

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Venezia Con Gabrielle

Posted by Pat on March 29, 2015 in Travel |
Photo by Gabrielle "Through The Lens"

Photo by Gabrielle “Through The Lens Photography”

Our first class Fracciargento speeds us through tunnels and along smooth tracks to Venezia. Meanwhile, we endulge ourselves on exquisite pastries of cannoli and chocolate. My heavens, they are good.

Gabrielle is smitten with the canals and boats of Venezia. Read more…

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The Birds

Posted by Pat on March 29, 2015 in Travel |

Imagine being in a city square with hundreds of pigeons and the first thing that pops into your head is the story “The Birds.” After reading that story no one wants to be around a huge flock of birds.


After a few minutes of hesitation I finallly let a pigeon eat out of my hand and to my relief he didn’t peck my eyes out. Then I stood up and held my hand out. A new fear had risen, what if the bird totally missed my hand and ran into me? When little birds run into my windows at home they would hit it hard. It is not a pretty sound, and I didn’t want a bird to hit me at full speed. After a few times of jerking my hand away as the pigeon flew towards me I finally let one land on me. After awhile one landed on my shoulder ans just sat there and in the end I still had all of my body parts.

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